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"The Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency was founded in 1988 by ex-publisher Darley Anderson and is based in London with a regional office in Hay-on-Wye on the English/Welsh borders.

The Agency specialises in handling a broad range of bestselling commercial Fiction and Non-Fiction.

A Market leader in Adult Fiction, our list includes thrillers, mysteries, crime, horror, fantasy, accessible literary, romantic comedy, chick-lit, women in jeopardy, sagas and historical.

Many of the Fiction writers talent spotted and represented by Darley Anderson himself, are amongst the highest paid bestselling authors in the world. Most notably Martina Cole, Lee Child, John Connolly, Lesley Pearse and Tana French.

Other top selling fiction writers represented by Darley are Chris Carter, Jane Costello, Alex Barclay, Carmen Reid, Tara Hyland, Chris Mooney, Annie Murray, Margaret Dickinson, Clare Dowling, Lee Weeks and Adrian Plass.

Martina Cole is the highest selling adult fiction hardback novelist in the UK. She has had 14 No.1 Sunday Times Bestsellers.

Lee Child is the biggest selling Agency author in the U.S. Each of his novels now go to No. 1 on both the New York Times Hardcover and mass market Paperback lists. And Lee Child is only the fifth adult author to sell one million Kindle books.

The oldest writer ever to be taken on at the Agency is Elizabeth Waite at the age of 70, who has now had 17 books published.

And the four most prolific writers at the Agency are: Saga writers Anne Baker, Lynda Page and Gloria Cook and bestselling religious writer Adrian Plass, who has been at the Agency since its inception!

Working with Darley Anderson to further build on the enormous success he has had with top selling crime and thriller writers is Camilla Wray.

Camilla’s fiction writers include three for whom she achieved six figure deals for their debut novels: A.J. Cross, Jason Dean and Helen Grant. Also, talented newcomers Sean Slater and Tim Weaver. And established bestsellers Pat Dunne and Rebecca Shaw.

Darley's No. 2 at the Agency is Madeleine Buston. She is the Women’s & General Fiction Agent and Deputy MD of Children’s Books. Her list of adult fiction writers includes international bestsellers Carolyn Jess-Cooke, now translated into 20 languages, the US bestseller J.J. Salem, and new writers destined for future bestsellerdom: Carrie Duffy, Victoria Fox, Emma Garcia, Ella Kingsley, Martel Maxwell, Cally Taylor and Anna-Lou Weatherly. She has a long term vision and an international plan for each of her authors, negotiating high five and six figure deals both here in the UK and the US, liaising with publishers around the world and working with the Agency’s film agent in LA.

Among the Non-Fiction writers handled by the Agency are: Constance Briscoe (author of the No.1 Bestseller and Sequel Ugly and Beyond Ugly); Alan and Barbara Pease’s Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps (with worldwide sales exceeding 10 million copies). Graeme Sims, Paul Hauck, Lucy Summers, Nadia Finer and Emily Nash and Fr Kenneth Leech.

The Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency Ltd was recently set up as a separate company with Deputy Managing Director Madeleine Buston responsible for developing the list. YA writers represented by Madeleine include C.J. Daugherty, S.B. Hayes and Phil Earle. And children’s writers currently represented by Madeleine are: Dave Lowe, Adam Perrott, Anne Cameron, Lucy Jones and Rob Stevens. MD of the Children’s Book Agency, Darley Anderson, represents bestselling children’s author Cathy Cassidy and Waterstones Children’s Book of the Year winner Michelle Harrison.

Also, Sophie Gordon represents a growing number of talented children’s book illustrators.

US book sales are handled directly by the Darley Anderson Agency. But for sales of books or original scripts to US Film and TV companies the Agency works as it has for the last 18 years, in association with top Talent Agent Steve Fisher of the APA Agency in Los Angeles.

In foreign language book sales, the Darley Anderson Agency has great success in placing books with international publishers around the world.

Over the past twenty three years the Agency has built up an extensive worldwide network of foreign contacts, working with leading subagents and directly with foreign publishers.

Clare Wallace, ably assisted by Mary Darby, oversees all aspects of the foreign rights department; holding regular auctions, negotiating major deals and meeting over two hundred and fifty foreign editors at every major international book fair.

The focus at the Agency is on making our writers international bestsellers.

Four of our authors have been sold in 30 or more languages and ten of our authors have been sold in up to 25 languages. Every territory is just as important as another, from Germany to Brazil to Taiwan and Indonesia, we sell translation rights to over 55 countries. We aim to translate our titles into as many languages as possible, creating internationally bestselling authors.

Our Agency motto is : ‘Our writers mean business’. "

Jane Elmor - My Vintage Summer

Year of Publication: 

A vibrant story of friendship, first experience and a summer that couldn't last forever

For us it all began in the summer of ’76, the year the sun scorched the grass the colour of sand and no-one could sprinkle their lawns or take a bath, and the year I could no longer run around without my top on.

Meet Lizzie and Kim as they grow from small-town adolescents to women on the hedonistic stage of London in the early eighties. There they join Kim's older sister, Vonnie, an untameable force of nature who is everything they'd like to be. Or is she?

Danny King - Blue Collar

Year of Publication: 

Plot: Charley’s great. She’s everything Terry has ever dreamed of in a woman and more. She’s sophisticated, intelligent, funny and beautiful. She enjoys dinner parties with friends, hobnobbing with famous actors and hanging out in the West End’s trendiest nightspots. She is, for want of better a word, luvverly. Terry simply can’t believe his luck.

And that’s the problem, because Terry doesn’t believe his luck.

Patrick Lennon - Corn Dolls

Year of Publication: 

'A new author and a new character...both have great promise...well worth following' (Publishing News )
'Evocative' (Publishing news )
Cath Staincliffe, Tangled Web
'A sharp plot and an explosive finish'

Cathy Cassidy - Ginger Snaps

Year of Publication: 

Can best friends really be forever?

Gone are the days when Ginger was an outsider, always on the fringes of friendship. She’s swapped puppy fat and pigtails for make-up and hair straighteners and never looked back – until now.

Ginger and Shannon are best mates, but when they befriend lonely Emily, everything changes. Even the saxophone-playing boy in the trilby hat can’t help – he’s part of the problem . . .

Are Ginger and Shannon drifting apart or can they stay best friends forever?

Cathy Cassidy - Driftwood

Year of Publication: 

Sail away with two girls, two boys and a message in a bottle . . . Driftwood

Hannah and Joey have been best friends forever – just the two of them. But when Joey’s new foster brother, Paul, turns up, everything changes. First Joey falls for Hannah’s brother, Kit. Then Paul complicates things – with some kittens, a chocolate bar and stripy pink bicycle. Hannah’s world is turning upside-down. Can you rescue a friendship when it’s drowning? Can you save a friend in trouble – if they don’t want to be saved?

Jane Costello - Bridesmaids

Year of Publication: 

With less than an hour to go before her best friend, Grace, is to walk down the aisle, Evie is attempting to fulfil her most important bridesmaid role: to deposit the bride at the start-line at the appointed time. But with a bride famed for her chaotic sense of time, and the bride's daughter busy mashing Molton Brown into the expensive hotel carpet, minus underwear, the odds are stacked against her ...At least she has her new 'chicken fillet' boob-enhancers to make her feel special. That is, until these are spotted poking over the top of her dress.

Adrian Plass - Looking Good – Being Bad

Year of Publication: 

Looking Good – Being Bad
The Gentle Art of Churchmanship
Adrian Plass

Adrian Plass is back to humorously yet gently challenge the Churchman or woman in all of us as we treat the church as if it should be made in our own image.

In Looking Good Being Bad, Adrian Plass asks why the body of Christ constantly trips over itself to derail it's mission and ward off the world? He ponders how those much less spiritual