Dr Charles Krebs -Nutrition for the Brain


 This book explains in detail what makes up nutrition, how nutrients work in our body, what nutrients we should have and how the lack of nutrition has detrimental effects.

Likewise, it highlights how good nutrition can remedy many chronic disease conditions increasing your health, vitality and, most importantly, help you to achieve and maintain optimal mental performance.

Over 2 billion people in the world today suffer chronic zinc and iron deficiencies that affect their thinking, short-term memory and moods, as well as their immune function and energy levels. Not surprisingly one of the primary factors creating nutritional deficiencies is the food increasingly eaten in the Western diet.

 ‘This book offers a specific, comprehensive prescription to natural nutrition that we all would benefit from and which would have a significant impact not only on our health and wellness, but also our mental performance by simply choosing nutrient rich organic natural foods replete with vitamins and minerals.  This is a tremendous educational resource to assist in choosing appropriate supplements.’