Dr Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman - Know Your Mind

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Know Your Mind Everyday Emotional and Psychological Problems and How to overcome them , Dr Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman.Know Your Mind is a comprehensive guide to more than 50 everyday emotional and psychological problems – the definitive resource for anyone seeking advice for themselves, or for a family member or friend. The only self-help book to be endorsed by the British Psychological Society, it offers:



* A clearly signposted A-Z guide to a wide range of psychological issues and concerns - from anxiety, stress and depression to eating problems, tantrums and other children's issues, memory loss and bereavement


* Practical strategies for tackling these issues


* Positive steps to keep your mind happy and healthy


* Recommendations on where to turn for more help



Co-written by one of the UK’s leading clinical psychologists, and informed by the best evidence-based clinical practice, it distils the best and most up-to-date psychological research to provide both a concise summary of the proactive steps you can take to stay mentally healthy and a comprehensive reference guide to common problems.

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