Helen Street - Life Overload


Are you the type of person who starts a new sentence before finishing the old one? Who can’t sleep at night because the mind is ticking away with unfinished tasks? Who keeps working harder and harder only to have less and less spare time? Who is so busy ‘doing’ you have no time for ‘living’?

Then you may be suffering from Life Overload!

If you are interested in regaining your sanity and living a happier, less stressful life then Life Overload is for you. The author presents tangible and workable solutions that are designed to fit into busy lives. Written in bite-size chunks for easy access, these solutions will improve your life.

What distinguishes Life Overload:

    It offers immediate strategies that even the most overloaded person can take on board. Drowning people need rescuing before they are taught how to swim.
    Knowing something is good for stress is not the same as doing something for stress. Helen Street is an expert in the translation of good intentions into sustainable actions.
    All strategies presented are grounded in current research and have been shared with over 5000 seminar attendees.
    This book is based on the firm understanding that we can’t help people change by simply telling them what they should do. Rather, we have to find ways to guide others to make decisions for themselves. It is only when we understand the limits of our control that we can manage our stress effectively.

A message from the author:

‘I have written this book for people who are struggling but surviving – people for whom life seems overwhelming. In my work as a stress counsellor, I see many people who are severely distressed, generally suffering anxiety or depression as a result of severe long-term stress. I know that the approaches I offer in this book are effective in changing their lives for the better.’