Kathleen Sharp -Blood Feud


BLOOD FEUD chronicles the years-long battle of a top drug salesman who blew the whistle on his employers and the practices they encouraged him to follow in order to sell more and more of a drug that wasn't entirely safe.  Part personal redemption story, part legal drama, part shocking expose, BLOOD FEUD is a gripping tale of triumph and tragedy that also highlights some of the greatest flaws in the pharmaceutical system.  And it’s not limited to the US – this is an important story for anyone who has ever taken a prescription drug.
Known generally as EPO, the drug at the center of this story is known under various names internationally: i.e. NeoRecorman in Greece.  It is the drug that has been brought to the world’s attention again and again, as world-class cyclists are caught up in doping scandals related to its misuse, and many have died from using it.  More to the point, many ordinary patients have died from its overuse as well. 
Meticulously researched and told in riveting style, BLOOD FEUD is must-reading for everyone who cares about their health and the state of medicine today.