Sean Slater - The Survivor

Year of Publication: 


'Dying is easy, living is the hard part.'

In his first hour back from a six-month stress leave, Vancouver Detective Jacob Striker is called to St. Patrick’s High School. His daughter is truant again and Principle Myers has had enough.

As Striker meets Myers in the school office, bangs are heard from down the corridor. Halloween is three days away and she is convinced the students are celebrating early with firecrackers. But Striker knows the sound too well. It is something heavy and automatic.


Striker and his partner, Felicia Santos, are thrown into a terrifying battle as three masked gunmen attack the school. Students are being murdered and only Striker can save them. Refusing to back down, Striker kills two of the gunmen and faces the last shooter – a figure wearing a red hockey mask.
And then the unexpected happens.

The surviving gunman racks his shotgun, unloads five rounds in to the dead body of his fallen comrade, and flees the scene.

Against the clock, Striker needs to stop Red Mask before he kills again. With no motive and an unknown suspect, Striker faces the toughest case of his ten-year career. Nothing at St Patrick’s High is as it appears and the closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous his world becomes. Until Striker becomes the next target.

And the violence follows him home.

This is a fast paced, thrilling read from a captivating début author.