Sven Hassel - Comrades of War


  "The brothel had been tidied up. There was no more dust on the rafters. Fresh girls had arrived. The big fish suspended over Madame´s table had disappeared. In its stead a bull´s head had been hung on the wall. Someone had hung a sheer stocking and a pair of light blue panties on one of the horns. They were left hanging there like a sort of trade mark.

The Legionnaire, of course, couldn´t take part in the game. When the rest of us went off with the girls, he settled down at a table with five bottles of wine and a bowl of Pein-Pein from the Chinese saloon in the cellar.

Two girls who´d been to Africa stayed behind to entertain him. You could almost smell the camels. You could veritably feel the Kabilah.

A stark naked woman was dancing on a row of tables. She twisted and turned during the dance, pushed her abdomen forward and revolved like a wheel. Coloured spotlights played over her body, and the red beam always stopped at the most intimate spots.

Tiny could hardly be held back.

Finally the Legionnaire had to knock him out with a bottle."