Theohari Marielen - Constantina Discovers the Magic Equilibrium Bottles


A novel based on the philosophy and teachings of Aura Soma

In an imaginary far away kingdom, twelve year old Konstantina, the daughter of the royal couple, receives a sword for her birthday from her father the king. When Konstantina is alone in her childhood room, the sword reveals its magical powers by speaking in a human voice. Serendipity is concealed behind the sword, the “mentor” angel who will in turn appear and reveal to Konstantina, the plot to murder her parents that Konstantina cannot avert, despite all her efforts. And in this way she receives her first lesson: You cannot avoid destiny. After initiating her in the divine Afra-Soma colour-system, Serendipity then prepared her for a long journey. The purpose of this journey was to help her mature emotionally and to lead her to self-awareness and consciousness, so that she could claim her throne upon her return as a mature adult.

After murdering her parents, Konstantina’s uncle ensured that she was locked up in that inhospitable room 300 steps high up in the Tower. He did not however consider that the ugly old hag –nanny– he had hired to guard her was none other than the transformed Serendipity, who reveals her true face and prepares Konstantina for the long journey ahead of her: The journey to the six kingdoms that represent the six energy zones – chakras- in her body.

Serendipity firstly revealed the 109 bottles of equilibrium – as she personally calls them – and then urged Konstantina to choose 4. Konstantina chose the “Archangel Raphael”, “Archangel Michael” and “Archangel Kamael” bottles and the Serapis Bay Teacher bottle, which would accompany and protect her throughout her journey.

Together with Archimedes, the magical sword that had now transformed into a dog, they are ready to depart on the long journey. And the surprises begin before their journey has even commenced, as Serendipity brought three poster images to life; a train; a balloon and a carriage and urged them to choose how they wanted to travel. The balloon that they chose, after an eventful trip, had landed them in a desolate landscape, where the only sign of life was a small inn. This inn, as they were informed by the eccentric Innkeeper, is a portal for travelling into the first kingdom, LAM.

In Lam, where the gypsies live, Konstantina will learn about team work and survival. She responded one day to an invitation to hunt from Amado, the clan’s leader, and witnessed his attempted murder by his cousin Armageddon, who succeeds in wounding Amado with a poisoned arrow. Amado was moved to his tent heavily wounded and with a high fever. Konstantina and Archimedes secretly visited him there and tried to save him with the help of the bottles. Armageddon however seized her under pretext of the bottles, which he took from her so as, to accuse her of witchcraft and imprison her. She escaped with the aid of the fiancée and Amado’s Father and retrieved her bottles. She was now ready to continue her journey and visited the tent to bid Amado farewell where she discovered that the mirror there was the portal for passing into the second kingdom, ΒΑΜ.

ΒΑΜ – The chakra of pleasure and guilt

ΒΑΜ has been built in the desert with rectangular houses that are reminiscent of cubes. While wondering through the BAM marketplace, which looks like a circus performance, Konstantina couldn’t resist the temptation to steal an apple from a fruit stall. The passer-bys however got wind of this, which resulted in an eventful chase through the dangerous alleys of ΒΑΜ, leading to her arrest and inprisonement. She is once again fortunate, because along the way she met the mother of the Sultan of BAM, who was moved – because she had recently lost her granddaughter who was Konstantina’s age – who saved her from prison and took her with her to the palace. Konstantina and Archimedes were covered in dust and immediately led by the servants into the bathroom for a stiff bath. During their bath, Konstantina realised that the servants had also taken her bottles together with the dusty clothes. Wrapped in towels and dripping with water, with Archimedes in tow, she ran like crazy through the corridors to find her bottles when she suddenly came upon the Sultan. The Sultan was informed about the day’s events and that Konstantina was there and being as sensitive as the Sultana on her daughter’s loss, he welcomed her and ordered that they attend to her and prepare her for dinner.  A strong relation develops between the Sultan and Konstantina and she helps the Sultan overcome the loss of his wife and child and relieves him of his responsibility for their death. The Sultan will thus find in Yasmin, his new companion, by realising that sometimes love is next to us and we pass it by. The time however comes to leave ΒΑΜ and continue on their journey to the third kingdom, RAM.

RAM, the Solar Plexus Chakra

A whirlwind drags Konstantina and Archimedes and lands them at RAM. There Romina, cousin to Serendipity  a somewhat strange old lady awaits, to initiate Konstantina into the Aura Soma world, to teach her how to cleanse and lock her aura and ask for angelic guidance. Konstantina magically matures in RAM to pass over into YAM where she will experience love.

YAM, the Heart Chakra

From within a cupboard that leads to a steep cliff, the two friends fall into emptiness, to end up trapped in the hold of a pirate ship. From capture they will be saved by the “Black Angel”, nickname given by Konstantina to the Lord of YAM,who uses his ship to attack pirates. The Black Angel, whose real name is Alex, will take Konstantina and Archimedes as captives to the kingdom of YAM. He manages to capture both her and her heart. However, it doesn’t take long for him to fall in love with her. As they are both immature in expressing their emotions they go through an emotional journey until they end up in HAM, the fifth kingdom and the chakra of communication and love, where they almost surrender to their love. Love must firstly be tried with actions. Konstantina upon learning that YAM was under assault from enemies, decided to disguise herself as a soldier and fight beside Alex. However, time for departure arrives as their love is strengthens and begins to fortify. Konstantina must continue her journey without bidding Alex farewell. As ordained by the unknown lady, who had invited her for tea under false pretences in her house, beneath the walls of YAM. Bianca, the unknown lady, reads the tea leaves and urges Konstantina to speak to Alex through her mind’s heart and explains to her that if they are destined to meet again, he will then listen ….


For her trip to OM, the kingdom of peace, Konstantina must depart with her faithful companion Archimedes. In solitude and through self reconciliation and she must open her third eye with meditation and prayer. And thus be led to alignment of  the chakras and rising of the rainbow that will transport her back to her kingdom in order to be crowned Queen. It is there on a spring evening at a masquerade ball, organised by the opera for the spring festival, while Konstantina is dancing and enjoying herself amidst her friends when she suddenly sees him, Alex, descending the steps of the great hall. Their gazes meet and Alex approaches her with a Question on his lips.....