Mary Mavrogiannaki -The Side World



  Out of the blue, a girl is found in a strange and magic world, which is called the Side World, full of creatures that has never seen before neither heard of them.
  The creatures are calling her to save their world which is disappearing since the Wizard-Teller (who created them) tends to forget them. As a result the creatures are becoming extinct without anybody explaining the reason. However, the secret is found in the House of Dust where the Priest of the Eternal Flame keeps the wizard-Teller’s memories. Diana meets the members of the Supreme Council who rule the Side World. Their leader is witch Fana.
   Witch Fana is the queen of the witches’ land set in the northern part of the Side World. The Side World is made up of five lands; the witches’ land is one of them. The elves’ land, the Tramps’, the strange Coakous’ and the Uroucks’ are the other lands of the Side World.
  Under the guidance of  Fana, Diana with the four elves Zico, Tico, Mico, the woman-elf Dicken and Gouhubouhu, who comes from the fifth world, sets off her journey into the Galaxy Universe in order to reach her destination; the magic city where the Wizard-Teller lives. All the same, their journey is quite long and dangerous because they have to face unknown and primitive worlds such as the Giant Krimore’s Kingdom of fire, the Imore’s kingdom of ice, the Darkmen’ s land and the Mountaineaters’ one.
  They have to cross the Gate of the Sun with the seven suns, where demons live having Kamou as their leader, in order to reach the fifth World. There, the handsome wizard Tir, the wizards’ king Tamouz and Fae, who is the queen of the white elves Fa, are waiting for them to show them the way to the Magic city.
  In the Otherworld they meet Taraga, the owner of a tavern, who has many secrets. However, with his help and the demon’s  Tan help trick Lathones and get into the Third World which is the most hazardous of all. The old woman Narci with her Dreamers and the Dreamcharmer Lar live there. The muses-primitive creatures- and the repulsive Oularek, king of the Nightmare-world, live there as well.
  Diana and her friends try to get away from Narci’s dreamtraps and Oularek’s nightmares. All the same, their attempt is met with insuperable difficulties.
  Time is running our and they have to get in time to the magic city. Even if they manage to escape from the Third World, they will be up against the odds in their way to the First World and to the Magic City. Some of her friends and Diana herself too, may sacrifice their life in order to fulfill their purpose. So, Diana is called upon to make significant decisions which only a child can make by following her heart.
  The way children see things from their own perspective, will save the Side World and all the worlds of the Galaxy Universe.
  The girl during the risky, strange and spectacular journey she is undertaking, she learns lots of valuable and secret things. She is informed about the four magic books of the Side World (the Great Bible, the Bible of the 122 prophesies and predictions, the Golden Bible and the Forbidden Bible with its sacrilegious secrets)
  She finds out the Great Lagia’s story who is the protectress of the Side World. She meets the crazy caterpillars; prize for heroic deeds. Her friends show her the lovely but dangerous saltibirds and encourage her to taste elevoro, a magic herb. They tell her stories about the Elves of the Dark and the Bottomless Pit and they bring to light her real origin.
  The journey to the Side World is a journey with unexpected twists, full of tension and thrilling moments; knowledge, moral dilemmas and lots of magic dominate throughout the story.
  At the end of the book, there is an explanatory companion of words and idioms. Furthermore, the biographies of all the magic creatures that take part in the rescue operation “saving the Side World” are available. Therefore, we can learn their secrets, origins and personality. Other books are to follow in which we will have a thorough knowledge of the Galaxy Universe that the Wizard-Teller created with undue love and affection.

1) Journey to the ‘Side World’
2) Witch’s Fana adventures.
3) Tico, Zico and Mico into new adventures.
4) Gouhubouhu explores the universe.
5) Fae and the people of Fa.
6) Taranga’s story.
7) Tan, the demon.
8) Somebody stole the crazy caterpillars.
9) Wizard Tir and Tamouz’s people.
10) Patroclos, the dragon.
11) The rebellion of witch Durca with the yellow hair.
12) The Fairyworld is reborn!
13) The Tramps fall silent!
14) Who are these weird Coakous?
15) Saltimans, Morchi and Saltibirds.
16) The secret of the Bottomless Pit and the Elves of the Dark.
17) The cruel wizard Massia ad his evil plans.
18) The magic Bible and its forbidden secrets.
19) The golden Bible.
20) The Great Bible.
21) The island of oblivion.
22) All the secrets of the book of 122 prophesies and predictions.
23) The land of the mantles and the beautiful Tarai.
24) Telepino and the city of the dead wizards.
25) Darkmen and Demons.